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09:00 hourOpening Chairman - Werner Schoots & Dennis van Gelder
09:15 hourData architecture evolution and the impact on analytics - Mike Ferguson
10:30 hourConnecting meaning: the promise and challenges of knowledge graphs as providers of large-scale data semantics - Panos Alexopoulos
11:30 hourGenerative AI in Data Management and Analytics – Mike Ferguson
12:30 hourLunch Break
13:30 hourMixed source data engineering & analytics: a best of both worlds approach - Jos van Dongen
14:30 hourData mesh light - getting there, step by step, avoiding the mess - Ron Tolido
15:45 hourConcept modelling and the Data-Process Connection - Alec Sharp
16:50 hourReception

Dennis van Gelder

Mike Ferguson

Ron Tolido

Alec Sharp

Panos Alexopoulos

Jos van Dongen


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